Custom Framing


Prism Color Pencil

Subject:  "1/2 of the ‘Artichoke Band."
Dimensions (inches):  12 ¼” x 15 ½”
Medium:  Negro’ Black Pencil on BFK Reeves Paper

Description:  1/2 of the ‘Artichoke Band.’”, (1977) these were friends of mine who were musicians. I met them in Fresno, California. Later, they named themselves, "The Artichoke Band," and moved to Santa Cruz, to try to make it i there. I caught them during a break when they were just sharing a joint. A friend of mine, named Greg, introduced me to the band. Again, you will notice that I've concealed the identities of the 'individuals engaged in an 'illegal' activity," by using the ploy of hiding faces in smoke, and showing only partial glimpses of others in the room – a leg here or some knees in the foreground.

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