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Subject:  What?, $240.00 an ounce and no lines for the road!
Dimensions (inches):  10 ½” x 16”

Medium: Negro’ Black Pencil on BFK Reeves Paper
Description:  What?, $240.00 an ounce and no lines for the road!”, (1981). The title of this piece was a response to 'consumer' complaints. When a 'customer' would come over to my place to score a bag of pot, I would offer free lines of cocaine, while I' completed the transaction. We had gotten accustomed to smoking Hawaiian pot and chasing that with lines of flaky, white Peruvian cocaine, (unadulterated with cut) - it was a splendid combination. Nevertheless, like any other 'market,' prices rise, and so it was with the Hawaiian pot - the price started to climb, and I could no longer offer the perk of free lines - hence, the title of this piece.
Again, this piece is a still life of an old coffee table that I had. Remember the old Highlight magazines for kids in doctors or dentists offices? They always had a drawing embedded with familiar shapes and objects. Can you find in this drawing the lighter, Pepsi bottle, a joint, Nilla Waffers, the bag of pot, the bottle opener, the 7up glass, and the papers?

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