Custom Framing


Prism Color Pencil

Subject:  What’s in the trunk?
Dimensions (inches): 11 ½” x 16”

Medium: Negro’ Black Pencil on BFK Reeves Paper
Description: What’s in the trunk? Meet Keithy, my best friend from the first day of First Grade Catholic School.. On this particular day, I was taking him to County Jail to do a little time on a bust... He left his car with me and I asked him if I could stash my pot in the trunk of his car for 30 days. He was smoking joint after joint, right up until the moment I dropped him. You will see and read more about Keithy as you go through the gallery. He is unique for many reasons. He didn't care if I showed his full face in my drawings or paintings. He is the only subject to appear on four of my drawings and paintings.

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