Custom Framing


Black & White
Prism Color Pencil

Subject:  Keithy reading High Times at night.”  (1977)
Dimensions (inches):  37 1/2 “ x 28”

Medium:  Oil on Gesso Panel
DescriptionKeithy reading High Times at night.”  (1977)  this was my best friend Keithy sitting in my house, listening to music, and reading High Times Magazine.  I lived in a beautiful old two-story house in Fresno.  The wallpaper was of an English foxhunt, or something close to it.   What drove me to create this painting was the extraordinariness of the ordinary:  In the background, you can see the same Yamaha speakers that are in, Still life with Yamaha speakers”;  a lamp my mum gave me;  Keithy reading a High Times; Keithys’ sock transfixed me for some reason – the wrinkles, form and shading make it look extraordinary.  
            If it were anyone else’s sock, other than Keithys’, who would care?  The static nature of inanimate objects ability, at least for myself, to draw nostalgia and memories to ‘themselves’ like iron dust to a magnet, is just one of those mysteries of life.  All of you – each one of you reading this right now – can go find something in your home that is a repository of memories, good or bad.  One touch or look at the object will bring on an inundation of feelings, mental images, smells, conversations, and even memories of physical contact. 

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