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Black & White
Prism Color Pencil

Subject:  Keithys’ belly (1978)
Dimensions (inches):  28” x 40”

Medium: Oil on Gesso Panel
Description:   Keithys’ belly”  (1978) We are now viewing a piece which depicts the period when pot started to be imported, (around mid 70's to early 80's), and what it looked like in it's raw product form. The other interesting point about this period is that the people who imported the marijuana did not consume their own product. Since, they did not know how to properly treat good pot; they pressed it into bricks, .and used a funnel to pour more seeds into the bricks. There was more money in the bigger dealer's pockets, and less product for us to sell. It all came down to how good your connections were - networking was important back in the day, as it is now: the better the connection, the more likely you were to receive pot that was as cosmetically pleasing and gave you a good high. The weed you see is Columbian dark bud. After the pressing and seed treatment, this bud was just nasty looking. Anyway, you see Keithy making up pounds. I loved my green garbage bag.

As the pot came into the U.S., (in the 60's and mid 70's), it was packaged in burlap sacks which had long unpressed colas. It came with names like: Guerro, Michiocan, Alpaca gold, and once in a while Panama Red. With regard to the Panama Red, it was killer smoke.

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