Custom Framing


Black & White
Prism Color Pencil

Subject: “. . . I’m worth a million in prizes.”
Dimensions (inches): 25” x 35”

Medium: Oil on Gesso Panel
Description:  Here we have, what was, another familiar scene in my life - some one arranging a drug deal. In this piece, you meet a friend of mine, previously mentioned, and named Greg. Again, conscious that my work had to maintain a certain level of anonymity, I was able to preserve the discretion of the moment by showing only 'part' of Greg. Meet Greg's elbow. So, even though I might say that this is my friend, 'so & so,' doing a deal, you couldn't' directly connect anyone with it, because I never showed a persons' face unless it was Keithy or a simple portrait. The Kern jars on the table each have a little pot left in them.

Greg, unfortunately, died from a cocaine overdose - a strange overdose. One night he, and his girlfriend, started snorting large quantities of blow. That's a case in point of how cheap and plentiful good cocaine was in the 70's. Despite his deadly sexual proclivities, he was a good friend and an honest guy to do biz with. The title of this piece comes from an Iggy Pop song, called "Lust for Life". It seemed an appropriate title at the time.

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