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Subject:  . . . all those miracle ounces. (1976) 
Dimentions (inches):  18 ½” x 28 ¾

Medium: Oil on Gesso Panel
Description:   . . . all those miracle ounces. (1976) things are not always, what they appear to be in life. I was introduced to a patron I will call Hilary. She saw one of my pieces at a show. She contacted me one day, and I brought my portfolio over for her. She was about seventy-three. I became aware that she knew more about the art world than a kid from Fresno College did. She loved it the pieces she saw. It was all about the color, light, form, balance, clarity, technique, and the exactitude in which reality is portrayed. Hilary did not know anything about the subject matter - in all fairness, she had to know. At that point, I lost the patronage. It was not about the subject matter for her - it was the times. This piece was her favorite. Why? Because she just liked the way, it looked.

What we are looking at are scores of baggies that each weighed 28 grams. When Governor Jerry Brown was in office, he passed a law stating that it would be only a misdemeanor to possess 28 grams of marijuana on your person. Anything over that amount was a FELONY. It was also a felony to deal marijuana to anyone. So, dealing was a felony. 90% of the pot was imported. Well then, how did you get your hands on it, what I had dubbed 'the miracle ounces?' It was a damn paradox! It was a Catch-22! It was an oxymoron - hence, the title “. . . all those miracle ounces.

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