Custom Framing


Black & White
Prism Color Pencil

Subject: If I can’t be a rock ‘n roll star  (1979)
Dimensions (inches): 27” x 34 ¾”

Medium: Oil on Gesso Panel
DescriptionIf I can’t be a rock ‘n roll star” (1979) This is how I paid for my college tuition. I sold pot, and worked a legal job to keep my mother happy. I was making up some lbs and the scene came to life. After my friend Greg died, there was a pause in the 'work.' A new breed of people took over the business. They were selling Columbian Gold. They also began to 'press' the kilos very tight. They would use a funnel to pour seeds into the middle of the brick, for extra weight. Because smuggled pot had seeds in it, you could count on getting 2 to10 grams of seeds in the bricks. Notice the green clothes hamper and white sheet - that made it easy to carry your kilos. We were just students doing our laundry.

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