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Black & White

Subject:  Blues 13 (1976)
Dimensions (inches):  14 ½” x 18”

Medium:   Prismacolor on Crescent Board.
Description:  Blues 13” (1976) I was doing time in the Fresno County Jail, (on that cop-as-student/snitch deal), when I saw a shadow on the floor. I guess I imagined a butterfly completing his transformation, and then on to freedom. Of course, the first thing I would want to do would be to burn one. I borrowed a symbol used by some Hells Angels, the No. 13, which is a metonym. The word refers to a term or other symbol, which means one thing but refers to a related thing; "plastic is a metonym for credit card." Those Angels who smoke marijuana will draw or stitch the No. 13 on their jackets if they indulged. I used it as a metonym to symbolize the freedom I craved in jail, and what I would do upon leaving. Thanks for the metonym, Angels.

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